Mink oil


It is known that mink oil is a concentrate of the most active and valuable substances for cosmetics developers, since 98-99% consists of triglycerides of mono- and polyunsaturated acids. Technologists of  "Fitohimfarm LLC" were able to fully preserve the most useful components of this unique product by obtaining refined mink oil that was purified from free acids, protein inclusions and phosphatides, dyes, bacterial, fungal or any of the contaminants, and that very important devoid of bad smell.

How is mink oil obtained?

Mink oil (see photo) is obtained by careful treatment of the subcutaneous layer of mink fat (link) and is its low-melting fraction, saturated with triglycerides of mono- and polyunsaturated acids (98-99% content). As a result of several stages of refining, we obtain high purity mink oil without the content of phosphates, protein inclusions and free acids.

What is the effect of mink oil on skin and hair?

The value of mink oil and mink fat is that they contain fatty acid glycerides, which are absent in plants and in many other animal oils. The presence of these substances causes the extremely intense properties of mink oil.

Mink oil has a high level of skin ability, thanks to which it perfectly maintains a protective barrier and improves water-lipped metabolism, enhances regeneration, improves tone and elasticity of the skin. Oil of mink has the ability to reveal shallow wrinkles and as neutralize the negative effects of UV radiation. Since the current product has a physiological similarity to the structure of the human skin and contains a related natural complex, it decides on the aging process of the skin.

Mink oil restores damaged hair after dyeing, drying out in the sun, chewing curls and making it shiny and silky.

Where is mink oil used?

Mink Oil is a valuable inexpensive component of many cosmetic products for the care and treatment of skin and hair. It has been scientifically determined that the content of up to 10% of mink oil is sufficient for its full effect in all cosmetic products.

As a biologically active additive, this product is used as:

  •     nutritious night creams;
  •     skin care products for hands, face and body;
  •     means for protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays;
  •     children's cosmetics (cream, ointment);
  •     soaps;
  •     shampoos, conditioners, balms and hair masks
  •     massage oils
The great advantage of using mink oil in cosmetics is that it does not leave any greasy traces on the skin, it is absolutely safe for a human, has no contraindications and does not cause allergies. The fat is quite stable to rancidifying and does not lose its natural smell, color and all the beneficial properties throughout the shelf life. Mink oil is convenient for transportation and storage.

Characteristics and composition of mink oil (raw materials for the production of cosmetics):

Norm for oil of mink refined
 Color (at 15 ° C) From light yellow to yellowish brown
 Transparency (at 40 ° C) Transparent
 Odour Discreet, specific
 Mass fraction of water and
other volatile substances, %, not more
 Melting point, ° С, not more 10

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