Refined mink, ostrich, fox fat and mink oil


At present, we have significantly improved the technology of fat refining.

In the refining process:

  • neutralization of free fatty acids is ensured;
  • fat becomes almost colorless;
  • the acid number decreases to 0.2-0.6;
  • the smell remains only weak;
  • bacterial purity is provided;
  • moisture is released to 0.2 %.

The fat is completely cleared of any physical inclusions. We add an antioxidant of plants origin to fat and oil, which provides their savings in a container manufacturer under normal temperature conditions for at least one year.

We have found a method for extracting oil from mink fat, i.e. fusible fraction or triglycerides of unsaturated fatty acids, which are the most valuable in the composition of this fat.

Ingredients:  fat and oil - 99.7%; water - up to 0,2%, plants antioxidant - 0,1%.

Guaranteed shelf life:  in hermetically sealed containers from the manufacturer in darkened rooms at a temperature from minus 30 ° C to 30 ° C - 1 year.

On photo 1.2 samples of mink fat and mink oil are presented in 200 ml laboratory beakers at a temperature of  10 ° C.
Fats and oils are released in plastic cans from 5 liters and metal 200 liters of barrels.

Refined mink fat

Photo 1. Refined mink fat

 Refined mink oil

Photo 2. Refined mink oil